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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Report Card Rewards

 This post was inspired by my recent trip to Blockbuster.  Now first I have to say it is rare that I pay to rent a movie and even more rare that I pay more than .99 when I do it.  Typically you will find the kids and I using the library for our videos.

  That said my 5 year old really wanted to see G-Force and had been very well behaved for days so I thought it would be a nice reward for good behavior.  First I called the library to see about reserving a copy.  No go they had not even ordered it yet.  I was bummed but I knew Blockbuster would have it.  I rounded up the kiddo's and headed out to Blockbuster hoping that by some turn of fate G-Force was no longer a new release and was going to be priced at the typical .99 that the kids movies are once they are no longer new.  Well you know how that went.  Fat chance.

  In my final attempt to save on the movie as I was ringing up I asked the cashier if there were any coupons out right now that I could take advantage of.  After looking at me like aliens had landed he stammered out a "no".  I guess most people don't ask for discounts.  I'm very nice about it but I do.  Especially in this case where two months ago Blockbuster sent us a coupon for unlimited movies for a month at .99 a piece.  It's always worth asking you never know.

  So to further my long story as we were leaving and walking behind the cashier I spotted a huge pile of fliers that said Get a FREE Movie for Your Good Grades sounds like a good coupon to me.  Any how you can get the details here but he gist is if your child has a "B" average or better and is in k-12 bring in the report card w/ in 30 days of issuance and you will be able to choose any free movie.  Even the new releases.  You know who will be at Blockbuster next month with her son's report card.

  This prompted me to do a little more research into what other freebies good grades can reap.  Our families favorite movie theater also offers a free ticket for good grades.  This is a list of some other places offering goodies for grades. Oh and in the mail when I got home was a coupon from Blockbuster for unlimited $1.99 rentals for January. My husband wanted me to go back and complain.  Maybe I should but I know I won't.

  Oh I had to add to the story that all through out my trip to Blockbuster my 5 year old kept pointing to the candy and saying " are you sure this is not free mommy I don't see a price"  The real kicker that let you know he is the son of a coupon queen was when he said " But I bet you have a coupon for it mommy, right?"  Oh so hopeful in Candy Land.

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