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Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Freebies By Signing Up For E-mails From Local Favorite Haunts

  So it's no secret that the only reason I watch football is for the snacks.  This year I am trying my best to shed my final 16 lbs of baby weight (11 lbs to go) so I decided to forgo the big game last night.  I must say thought that I'm please the Saints won.  Go underdogs!!!
  Any way back to my point.  I signed up a while ago for e-mails from my favorite local movie theater they send me discounts all the time.  This time was really good though.  They were doing free admission all Superbowl evening for those who printed out the e-mail invite. It was perfect I got to watch Mel Gibson on the big screen while hubby screamed away at the Colts.  It was a perfect free evening!  I have scored many a great freebie by checking my e-mail.

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