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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hasbro Game Update

  So just a little update on my Hasbro Game Deal I posted yesterday.  My intention had been to get one Connect Four and One Operation.  As it turned out my local Walmart still had the Connect Four games at $14.97.  I even checked the price.  So that was a no go.  I decided to get two Toy Story Operation Games.  One for us and one as a gift.  I would have loved to get one for Toys for Tots but it seems like not a great donation as it requires batteries.

  Two things I have discovered since opening our new Toy Story Operation Game.  Number one is they don't make em like they used to.  Touching the metal on this game only makes the buzzer and light go off maybe half the time.  Bummer.  However on a very high note the game had a $5 off $15 Hasbro game purchase coupon that does not expire until 12-31-11.  For the past two years at least Hasbro games have been on some great sales and had great rebates around the holidays.  If they do it again this year that coupon could make for a very sweet deal.

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