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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Redbox Customer Service Praise

  So the other night hubby and I splurged and and rented a movie from Redbox with no free promo code.  Trust me this is rare and a splurge for us.  Well anyway the movie was great but certain key parts kept freezing and needless to say it was annoying.

   Being the high rollers we are we just wrote it off as a loss initially and then after some talk we decided to contact Red Box.  After all a dollar is a dollar right and also we did not want someone else to rent a bum movie.
 So hubby contacted Redbox Customer Service and as it turns out they have a way of tracking each movie so that upon the return of a damaged movie they can pull it out of circulation.  They also gave us a code for a free movie.  It's good to do business with a company that has such great service.

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