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Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Keep A Six Year Old Bib Going Strong

  So there are very few things I have kept from my first child who is six for use with my third baby who is 5 months.  I donated / gave away / consigned or Ebayed most of it because I had no idea God had a third baby in store for me.  One of the few things I did keep were bibs though.  I kept the feeding kind because the older kids sometimes used them for art projects. 


Now that they are back on duty as feeding bibs they needed a little spiffing up so to speak.  After years of use the velcro was no so sticky anymore.  Being that I have ZERO sewing skills I had to resort to another  method.  I had purchased a bunch of self stick velcro tabs off Ebay to use on my high chair cover (slipped all over the palce as it was) and decided to try them on the plastic bibs.  The result is wonderful.  So far after many washes they have not fallen off and the bibs no longer fall off the baby.  Bibs are expensive so any way you can use what you already have is a savings and it's better for the environment to reduce our consumption of plastic any how. 

  For those of you who are more skilled at the sewing machine than I sewing the tabs on to the bib would most likely be even better.  I think next time I'm at the Dollar Store or perhaps if I can pick up some dish towels on deep clearance after Easter I am going to make some inexpensive cloth bibs using the velcro strips.  I figure it's worth a try.

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