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Monday, April 18, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Coupons

  So I added a few items to my Target Shopping Trip.  I decided to go ahead and grab the Scott 1000 12 pack of TP for $7.49 using this $1.00 off coupon. it came to $6.49.   It was a little over my stock up price of .50 per roll but close enough.  I also decided to grab some 7th Generation liquid hand soap.  The reason I added the hand soap is two fold.

  One is that we have decided in our house to start going to more natural and environmentally friendly products.  In the short term it's a little pricier but in the long run we feel it is a small cost to pay for all the benefits.  Anyhow because of Earth Day this week Target has prices cut on many cleaners that are natural and earth friendly 7th Generation being one of them.  The hand soaps were on sale for $2.49 but I got a sweeter deal because on one of the hand soaps in the very back of the shelf their was a hang tag for $2.00 off two 7th Generation products.  Score !!! The soaps ended up being $1.49 each.

  As for the TP the hidden coupon surprise came inside the package.  The package contained three Scott coupons for future use:
.75 off 8 rolls of Scott Extra Soft bath tissue
.75 off 4 rolls or more of Long Lasting or Mega Roll Towels
.50 off 1 or more Flushable Moise Wipes

At the register I received a catalina coupon for $1.00 off a Pure and Natural personal care item (8.45 oz liquid hand soap or 16 oz body wash).  The lesson of the day is to be on the look out for unexpected savings.  A sharp eye saves green :)

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