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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If Something Is Free and You Dont Need It Is It Really Free?

   Just a simple thought but I have read many posts on different blogs that reference driving to multiple stores to score some "free" dish soap.  I'm all for free dish soap but it's not really free if you drove to all five of those stores with the sole purpose of just getting the soap.  When you account for gas those free soaps just became very pricey.  My point is to consider all the costs associated with a product to determine how good the deal really is.  Especially with gas at $3.55.


  1. I Agree, gas is crazy right now! For me if my store doesn't have it, I get a rain check. I'm not driving all over to get something little like that. Many stores will give you the price after the rewards as well on the rain check ( ECB from CVS or other promotions) so Really no big deal if you don't get it that week. At least IMO.

  2. Love, love the name of your site Bryana. coupons on Caffine. Sounds good to me :)