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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thrift Store Diva

  So I've been feeling a little matronly after having my third baby and the "mom" jeans were not helping.  I love the look of designer clothing but it is so far away from my budget it's crazy.  A few days ago I was particularly down in the dumps about the way I was dressing so I hit the web to dream shop.  You know when you drool over some big ticket over priced item and then walk away.  Anyhow there were a few pairs of jeans that I though if I strike it big someday I would love to get these but for now they will simply be something to save towards. 

  Fast forward to today.  I was bringing DD 5 to the thrift store to donate some items and to show her how to stretch her Barbie dollar.  The girls has a good eye for a deal I must say.  She got 2 barbies, a barbie scooter and a like new barbie car for $10.  Makes momma so proud! 
  Anyway back to my point.  I found THE dream shop jeans at the thrift for $7.99.  Cha Ching.  So glad I did not have a moment of weakness the other day.  I would have spent $79 and been crushed instead I almost danced to the register.  Now to loose about 5 lbs so I can take a full breath in them.

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