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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back !!!!!

  Did you miss me???? It's been a while.  In the time since I last posted we have added a little one to our clan.  Lillian is now 5 month old. How time flies.  Things are crazy here but with an additional little one our dollar has to stretch even further so I thought I would get back on the blogging trail.

  Writing the blog keeps me accountable for my spending and seems to get the creative frugal juices flowing.  The current frugal project in our house is my son's closet.  Doesn't sound frugal right?  Wrong.  My little guy (6) has had my hubby's old dresser for many years now.  It was a poorly made junkie dresseser when we purchased it a decade ago and it is now actually a hazard.  The glides are all broken and the drawers are literally falling out.  To replace the dresser with a new one was not an option.  Even if we could afford one (we can't) whey would someone by something that expensive new for a six year old boy?  Oh wouldn't I cry with the first scratch if I spent a few hundred on it and he scratched the thing the first day. Sure as day that is exactly what would happen you know. 
  So for less than half the price and ten times the sweat equity we opted for a Closet Maid system.  It will also allow DS more space in his room for his various "projects". The bad thing about these kinds of home projects is that hubby is not handy in these areas and I'm particular so there is always some frustration on all parts.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish the closet.  Sssshhhsh don't tell DH but I think I'm going to re hang some of what he did too. 

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