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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little Coupon Tip: Reading Helps

  So this tip is very simple but for me it is the most often overlooked.  Here it is plain and simple.  READ the coupon.  Yep simple you would think right? For me I need to work on taking that extra second to read the coupons before heading into the store so that today's grocery goof does not continue to happen.

  Here is how it went down.  Imagine me if you may in Stop and Shop all excited about the "FREE" paper napkins I'm going to be able to donate this week. We use cloth napkins and save money and paper  but I know most people don't so free paper products make great donations.  Any way my store occasionally gives some pretty good store catalinas.  In my experience they have always been a flat amount off of one item.  A cursory glance at this one and I think it reads "$1.00 off paper napkins, plates or plastic utensils".  Here's where my cursory glance was very wrong.  What it actually said was "$1.00 off  a purchase of paper napkins, plates and plastic utensils.   It's that little word AND that threw off the whole plan.  I caught it right before I got to the check out.  Needless to say this weeks items for donation do not include paper napkins.  Oh well, I'm teaching my five and six year olds to read maybe I should try giving myself a lesson. 

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