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Thursday, July 28, 2011

140 Custom Labels for $3.16 Shipped. ( I'm Labeling My Kids Wii Stuff for Pennies)


  They're back !!! Once again Vistaprint is offering their fantastic deal on labels.  Right now you can get 140 custom labels shipped to your door for just $3.16.  These are great for the up coming school year to label all your kids stuff.  I love to out them in back packs and on lunch boxes.

    My mom used to use these labels at her office on her pens. The labels said " This pen was STOLEN from the desk of  ( fill in mom's name) and they were in a neon background.  It was great she always got the pens back.

  I think I am going to use mine to label all my kids Wii stuff.  They share games with their friends from time to time and have been know to bring their controllers over a friends house that has a Wii so they can all play.  It would be nice to easily be able to identify what needs to come back home with us. While these make great labels you can also order them as address labels.  The sky is the limit.

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