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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ebay Inventory from the Thrift Store. Turning Cast Off's into Vacation Funds

  A lot of my Ebay inventory actually comes from my favorite thrift store.  These are some of last weeks goodies I picked up to re-sell on Ebay.  Not all of these will be going up for auction this week.  I do 10+ auctions a week but some of these will sell even better at Christmas or will be saved to make a lot which will bring more profit.  I paid $61 for all of this including some books for my daughter that are not shown. I'm working today on taking photos of what will go to auction this week.  Remember I'm Ebaying our way to Santas Village.

         Here are some of my favorites:
 (Note: These are just quick shots not the ones I will be using for listing.)

  1. Duplo Thomas the Train Set - Yay ( Save for the holidays)
  2. Mega Blok Spiderman set - Hopefully I will find more of that and will list around the holidays
  3. Keens - next spring will get me the best bang for my buck.  These do well all year though.
  4. Fisher Price Adventure cowboy lot with animals.

1. Lot of Vent Air bottles - These always sell well.  I purchased my daughters on Ebay and still paid close to retail
2. Little People Camper
3. Wilton Cars cake pan - I thought this would be a huge hit but it seems to go for only $7 or so. ( Wilton is a BIG hit or a total miss but I'll post more on that another time.)
4. Chunky Little people lot 
5. Wrestling figures - I paid $2.99 for these and I have to research the figures the only one I recognize is Hulk Hogan.  These could be a great seller or just OK I have to research.
6. Two vintage boys character sheets.  One is a flat sheet and the other is fitted.  Again this will be hit or miss.  Vintage character sheets always  do well but I've never tried them not as a set before.  These again were $2.99 so worth the risk.
7. Batman villan figures set.
8. Tons of Little people furniture from the late 80's early 90's - Not sure if I will lot this up or sell piece by piece.  I don't have an Ebay store anymore and these typically do best at fixed price individually.
9. Vintage Little People figures and dog - Same situation as above.

  1. Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket - Missing computer and three of the figures.  I'll wait until Christmas and hope to get the other figures.
  2. Fisher Price Baby Apple Toy - This is something I have looked for for a while.  I should get over $20 for it and paid under $2 ( I might keep this for Lilly for a while as I am a little attached to it for some reason.)
  3. Star Wars figures - I thought these would be killer but then I got them home and saw they were missing Luke and were not by a desirable brand. I will try them at auction and if they do not sell of to the consignment sale they go.
  4. Vintage Cabbage Patch preemie doll with diaper and clothing- The new ones are not worth anyhthing but the vintage can do well with doll collectors.
  5. My best find is hard to see in the pictures but it is a few pieces of the Star Wars Lego set - That alone should pay for most of what I spent on these items.  I sell them individually.

Did you get some great thrift items this week?  

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