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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Sweet Old Navy Savings. Two Outfits and A Gift for Under $21.

  There once was a day when I bought new clothing and shoes for myself literally all the time.  Fast forward to three kids and one income and those days of buying new items for me are a virtual thing of the past.  I do get some amazing designer goodies for myself at the thrift but I rarely and I mean rarely spend money on new clothing for me. 

  Today was an exception because I knew it was the last day to take advantage of the fantastic Groupon deal.  My summer wardrobe has been looking a little worn recently so off to Old Navy Clearance my daughter and I went.  I ended up getting a pair of adorable shorts, a pair of denim capri's and two cute fitted tee's for me and a reuseable cup for a gift for only $20 and change including what I paid for the Groupon.  I am very please.  Now to purge four items from my closet.....


  1. Great deal! You normally can find some great deals at Old Navy!


  2. Old Navy is my place to find deals on staple clothing items. Believe it or not most of my fashionista stuff is from the thrift or consignment but for basic tee's and the like I'm a n Old Navy deal shopper.