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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cast Off's to Cash My Adventures in Re-Sale and LINK UP Party

OK Thrifty Mommas I'm so overdue for this post.  Sorry.  I have scored a bunch of goodies in the last two weeks but for this post I'm going to stick to just the garage sale finds of this week.  I can't wait to see all of yours to so please link up at the bottom and share your finds!  The prices are what I paid and the links are closed Ebay listing prices.  Have fun and please link up with me to share and inspire the rest of us.

Under Armour ladies sweat pants- Black womens large

Two Dora DVD's, One Superman and a Veggie Tales for a lot I'm making.  Paid $6 for all

Loving Family Van and Family with stroller- Paid $4.00 VanFamilystroller ( That's how I'm breaking it up)

John Lennon Musical Lamp $1.00 These used to do better

Darth Vader Voice Changer Mask ( Super Cool!!!!)$ 4.00 Darth mask

Smurf Plush Lot $ $1.50 Vintage Smurf Plush Lot

Leapster with case and 5 games$5  ( I'm keeping 4 of the games and I will save the rest for a lot I'm making)

Leapster with case and games

Rainbow Brite Hallmark 1982 $.50 Loving her!!

Vintage Bert doll.  This puppy is OLD!!!! He was made before Bert had eyebrows.  I'm really going to have to research his value.  He is certainly not hand made but does not have tags.  He has the cool factor if nothing else.  Vintage Bert does not seem to sell well at auction so I will research and set a BIN price for him.  Vinatge Bert

I'm hooking up with coupon tipster


  1. I linked up, but its not showing it. Maybe its just me though:) Tonya

  2. Hey Thrifty Momma- Some great tips! I need help on kid' toys so give us more when you can! Great job!

  3. Sorry Tonya there was a problem with the code. I think I fixed it. ( Crossing fingers). Dude, I love your blog and will be happy to help in the toy department.

  4. Oh and Tonya congratulations on the printer!

  5. I think I linked up but it didn't show up either.

    Amy {Coupon Tipster}

  6. Never mind.... it looks like it finally went through. :)

  7. I recently sold a Rainbow Brite doll. It didn't do as well as I hoped. Hopefully yours will do better. Do you do auctions or BIN?

  8. Looks like you had a good week! I linked up. :)

  9. Great job! Thanks for linking up :)


  10. Good finds. I bought that Darth Vader mask for my son when it first came out. I think he's still here somewhere.