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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magic Erasers for $.50 Per Pack !!!

  I just love Magic Erasers!  What did us resellers do without them?  I don't know anyone who does not love these.  They are so handy to keep around and they are a MUST HAVE if you sell any type of plastic items on Ebay or at consignment.  Remember the better it looks the higher and quicker it sells.

  With all that said you can get one heck of a deal on Magic Erasers right now at Home Depot of all places.  They have them priced at $1.00 so you can use the $1.00/2 coupon  from the 8-28 P&G insert to get two for $1.00 !!!

 The timing could not be better as I am down to my last box of these from my last stock up and I am cleaning toys for consignment this week.  

Update: I just ordered 20 $.50/1 coupons from Ebay for $1.75 shipped for these.

Thank you Extreme Coupon Professors

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