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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Late Night Walmart Savings

    Well the last few days have been and adventure and my shopping trip last night was a result of those last few days.  I headed out to Walmart to try to get a good flea spray ( Yep one of our cats got fleas and brought them in to share oh joy) and my kids broke the drain stopper in the tub so I needed to grab a few late night items.  So off to my Walmart Adventure I went. Well I must say that Walmart is always an eye opening experience and even more so when you are there at 10:30 at night.  Even thought I do enjoy my thrifty adventures I am not a big Walmart shopper I have been there exactly three times since my youngest was born nine months ago.  That being said I still think I did well as far as my dollar stretching is concerned.  I paid $4.00 for $8.27 in products.

Here is What I Got: 
( Notice the Flea spray that hubby specifically called to check stock on is not included.  Grrr....)

3 Bags of M&M’s $.74 each.     Coupon - $1.25 off three bags     
1 Tub drain stopper ( horay!) $.97
1 Best Life butter spread $1.98   Coupon -$.50
1 Huggies Flushable wipes 42 ct $1.64 Coupon - $1.00 off Mailer
1 Box Tasters Choice instant coffee 7 sticks $1.18 Coupon - $1.00 off here
2. Reach floss $.88 each 2 Coupons - $1.00 off (x2) here.

Total Value = $9.75
Coupons Used = $5.75
OOP = $4.00

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