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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Target Scores. Gifts and Goodies Galor

  I have said it a million times and I will say it again.  “I love Target”, but it is also my downfall.  I went in to pick up some essentials and deals and of course found some T-shirts for back to school for my son that he LOVES but doubled by spending.  You just never know when you will find something that will tickle your fancy like that and that is why I try to shop with rock bottom deals and stockpiling in mind and not so much of a focus on a budget for a particular shopping trip.  I guess in that sense I’m a big picture kind of girl.
  My Target still had a sprinkling of 75% off clearance toys but it was slim pickings as the clearance started a few days earlier.  I still managed to grab three great little boy toys for Toys for Tots. 

Here are the deals I was able to score this week at Target:       
1 20 ct Cascade 2-in-1 dish detergent on sale for $4.49 ( I know not a great deal but we were out and I need to plan better in the future on this item.)
1 Travel size Tide regular price $.97 ( Donation item)
4 Adorable shirts for my son at $5.58 per shirt on clearance ( If you know a Lego kid now is the time to hit Target for tee shirts!)
1 Mrs Butterworths syrup on sale for $2.61
3 Ten packs of frozen waffles on sale $1.50 each
1 Half Gallon Silk Almond Milk regular price $3.29
2 Bakugan guys on clearance for $2.48 each ( Toys for Tots)
1 Iron Man figure on clearance for $2.67 ( Toys for Tots)

Coupons Used:

$1.00 Cascade 7-31 P&G
$ 1.00 Tide 7-31 P&G ( My store allows overage but it is not company policy to do so)   
$1.00 Silk Almond Milk coupon

Total Paid = $42.81       

I feel like I spent a lot on this shopping trip but I guess the average shopper likely would have spent close to that much on the four shirts alone right?

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