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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Burning The Candle at Both Ends. Ebay and Consignment Changes for The Thrifty Momma

  I have come to the conclusion that having to many irons in the fire is just burning me out a little faster than necessary and something has to go.  I’ve thought a lot about what to ditch shall we say and I have come to the conclusion that I need to scale down my Ebaying and consignment sale selling because lets face it the things I would rather ditch like cleaning and cooking are here to stay.

  Trust me this was a very hard Thrifty Momma decision to make.  After all those things pay for a lot of the niceties at my house.  I’m not giving them up, just scaling back and I think in the long run I will actually make more money as I will be less overwhelmed and more motivated.
  Last year I did a consignment sale in Sept in which I sold a LOT of clothing for a slightly higher than mediocre profit and a small amount of toys that did very well.  I sold a decent amount of toys and clothing on Ebay and made a tidy profit but put a lot of work into it.

   This year I’m not bringing clothing to the consignment sale.  Bringing clothing to the consignment sale is a lot of work.  It needs to be cleaned, tagged and hung in a specific way.  If it’s a very good Ebay seller I will pick it up and sell it there but if it’s only OK I’m going to leave it for the next Thrifty Momma.  Any of my girls stuff that is a boutique or higher end name brand and is in great shape I will Ebay.  My sons stuff goes to his cousin. The decent stuff will be brought to a local consignment store that will take 30 items per visit and will give me 60% of the profits.  It’s not much but it will have to do. All I have to do is drop it off to the store and they do the rest so it’s less money but a lot less work.  The rest will be donated.  I plan to bring a lot more toys to the consignment sale as I have more this year than last year.

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