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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cast Off's to Cash Adventures in Resale Land & LINK UP

   Overall I would say it was a decent re-sale week.  Nothing earth shattering but no major duds either.  My best find this week was for personal use. I went to four yard sales and a thrift store. Links are to Ebay ended prices.

  Here are A Few of My Finds:

Lot of three Twist Away Diaper Genie Refills. I'm going to lot them up.  Paid $5

Tons of books and DVD's for lots.  I paid $1.00 for about a dozen books and then overpaid for the DVD's at $2 per piece.   I that's what happens when you hit the thrift on a very busy sale day.  You don't take the time to read that not everything is 50% off.  Shame on me.  The good part though is some of the items have already sold.  

Arctic Explorer Uniqua BackYardigans Talking Figure and Backyardigans kids golf set.  Paid $2.00.  I have not been able to find the golf set on Ebay.  I think I'll try listing it with a Backyardigans lot I'm making. 

Vintage Waffle Blocks in box.  Paid $1.00.  I had just seen a whoohoo from another seller on these.  Any time a vintage toy is in good shape with a box pick it up.

Loving Family Van.  This was part of the stuff at the thrift I overspent on by accident.  Paid $2.99.  I'll add this to a lot.

 Not shown I also picked up some LPS stuff as well as MLP items and a JoJo Circus Costume.  I paid $5 for all of that.  There were also a few things for my kids that are not shown but nothing to exciting.

My favorite finds were these:

 A Combi Umbrella stroller.  I had one of these for my older kids and loved it.  Then a babysitter lost it on an outing.  I was so bummed because I paid almost $100 for it prior to my heightened thrifty days.  I was able to grab this one for $13 and all it needs is a good cleaning.  I'm thrilled!!!!

The bowls are another mixed story.  I went thrifting the other day with the hopes of finding a 4 quart Pyrex glass mixing bowl to use as a cake form for a party I'm hosting this weekend.  Well I did not find a 4 quart but these vintage Pyrex bowls will sell quite nicely.  I'm going to hold on to the two smaller ones for a little while on the off chance I find the other part of the set.  I must say I think these two are pretty cool.  The retro factor draws me in I think.  The large green bowl should get listed soon.  I paid $7 for all of them.  Still not sure what to do about the cake I need to make..... 

What did you find this week?  I'd love it if you would share your finds with us so we can all help each other and share in some good fortune I hope.

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2. Link directly to your post rather than your home page to keep it easier for readers.
3 I would love it if you would give a little mention that you are linking up here.  The more people who spread the word the better it will be for all of us.


  1. Thanks for the link up; love all the books you found!

  2. Great haul! I have nothing to link up since I didn't go yard saling this week, and instead had my own yard sale:) I will be hitting the yard sales this Saturday though!!

  3. Great finds! All of my strollers have come from garage sales. I love how cheap you get them.

  4. Thanks Veronica now I just need to give it a good cleaning. It totally made my day to find that gem!

  5. Thanks for doing a link-up - I love to see what others find and love having a place where I can share mine! Not everyone understands the excitement of a great find!

  6. Thanks Amy. I love to see other peoples finds. I learn so much and really like the link up. Thank you for sharing your treasures.

  7. How on earth does one lose a stroller? I break strollers easy I am on my 4th one and Ryker isn't quite two yet. The first two strollers I got free and one wheel fell off of each one. They were the same brand so I am thinking some kind of design flaw? either that or I am too rough on strollers. The 3rd one (paid $15)the handle bar bent down all the way to my knees Still cant figure that one out. My last one I only paid $5 for It is holding up so far

  8. I don't even want to think about how she managed to loose the stroller. I'm thinking chaos and I am now glad that I am home with my kids and there is a lot less babysitting.