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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RIP Epson NX100


   Well it finally happened..... My trusty old ( 2 yr old) printer has bitten the big one.  I was chugging away printing Ebay shipping labels last night and all the sudden "unknown printer error".  I Googled the message ( or rather in Thrifty Momma fashion I Swag Searched it.)  Anyhow the results seem to be that I can send out for a part to re set and clean out my waste ink for $40 or I can send my dear printer to the bone yard.

  Wouldn't you know I have a bunch of ink for my dear printer that I just ordered from Click Inks.  I'm thinking this is the time to redeem two of my $5 gift cards that I have earned to Target and cross my fingers that they have the same printer still so I don't have to waste my cartridges.  Cross your fingers that I can get printing tonight.  I have a bunch of packages to get out, coupons to print and I need to start the tagging for the consignment sale with in the next few days. 

  Off to Target I go.  I wish I could print before I leave because if I could I could get in on some of the great deals one of my readers got here.

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