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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cast Off's to Cash and Link Up

  I'm so glad to be done with the consignment sale but even more glad that I made my monetary goal and got some great items.  Everything you see in the first picture is for my kids.  I spent about $65 on it all but it I figure the Lands End winter jacket would retail at almost that much so all the rest is icing on the cake.  I got several pairs of Robeez, the Lands End coat, lots of pants for my son and a few other good finds.  The costume is a spider for the baby.  I just thought it was too cute!

  These were my re-sale finds from the sale.  Can you say Thomas at Christmas? Thomas will do better at the holidays but is always a good seller. I'm so glad you can schedule out your listings  with Seller Source Book so I can try to get these listed this week.  The links are to Ebay ended prices so you can see if you think it's something you might want to keep your eye out for.

Caillou Tree House -  Paid $5.00 ( This used to do much better but I'm still quite happy.  I'm going to schedule it for November.)

Thomas Take Along Roundhouse with Track-  Will do better at Christmas.  Paid $2.50

5 Stall Thomas Wooden Roundhouse - Paid $5 I think

Thomas Wooden Roundhouse - Most of the listings for this are saying it's retired but I swear I saw it on display at Toys R Us this week.  I'll have to check that out.  I paid $7.00

The Robeez are for a lot.  My daughter has a bunch and I will re-sell them when she is done with them and add them to the lot.  I paid $2.  By the way I adore these shoes.  They are comfy, cute, washable and keep socks on!

Dora figure lot- Paid $1.00.  I may break this group up as I have a Tico and Swiper in the mix.

  This is something I picked up for my youngest.  She is into everything already at 10 months.  I'm thinking of putting it in my living room this winter after a good scrubbing.  I grabbed it for $7.00.  It was actually kindf hard to get in my van as I had all three kiddo's in tow all weekend.

Scooby Doo Remote Control Mystery Machine in Box- Paid $3.00.  BIN will be my friend on this one.

  I saw this at a garage sale we happened by this week.  My older daughter saw it first and wanted it but she had not saved any of her money this week to buy anything and I knew it was a great seller especially still sealed in the box.  We came to an agreement that she would get a finders fee on this one and was happy with her $1.00 commission and I will be happy when this puppy sells!  Had she seen it first and had the money to buy it I would have gladly let her buy it and keep it so please don't think I'm a cruel mom. I am trying to teach them to save their money to get what they want and that mom and dad will not buy them everything simply because they want it.  Trust me my kids are oozing toys, books and craft items so they are not deprived.

I'm linking up with Coupon Tipster and would love to hear all your re-sale and thrifty finds this week.  I would love it if you would leave a link back to this post so we can grow this link party.  Please keep things family friendly and link directly to your post rather than your home page to keep it simple.


  1. I linked up with my "little finds". I was so stressed about this consignment sale this weekend. Hope it pays off! Have a good day!

  2. I was so stressed out about it all week too Celina. I am determined to be more organized and procrastinate less for the next sale. I ordered some size disc dividers and have already started to hang some items for the next sale. It's the toys that are most daunting. But seem to pay the best.

    Thank you for sharing your finds with us:)