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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Insurance for First Class International and Saving on Shipping Insurance Domestically

    I am a huge fan of selling internationally.  One recent week 50% of my sales went to other countries.  If you are only shipping domestically are you doing it because you thought you could not get insurance for First Class International packages?

  If you are I'm here to say you are probably in good company but be not afraid as you can now get insurance for your First Class International parcels and you can use this same method to save on domestic shipping insurance.  For all the details and a very well written post check out We Sell On Ebay.  I just love the site and find the information shared there wonderful.  

  Be sure to check out some of my fabulous ( and not so fabulous) re-sale finds here.  If you've got some golden deals to share please link up there d inspire the rest of us.

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