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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great FREE Movies with Your Amazon Prime Account

  I simply adore Amazon and FREE is so for me, so the combination is simply smashing.  Did you know that you can watch tons of great current movies for FREE through your Amazon Prime account?  I'm going to watch Salt next week while folding laundry.  Hey something good might as well come out of being trapped by the laundry right?  Check out all the great movies FREE with Prime here.

  For those of you that do not currently have a Prime membership you can grab a FREE one a few different ways.
Amazon Mom - Not only for parents but also caregivers, aunts, uncles and just about everyone else.
Amazon Student- College anyone?
You can also get a FREE Prime member ship when you purchase a Kindle Fire. 
If none of the above apply to you than you can always pay the $79 annual fee for Amazon Prime and share the account and the cost with a few friends.  I believe up to four users can be on one Prime account. 

 So add free movie downloads to the zillions of ways a Prime membership is worth it's weight in gold!

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