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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loving My First Estate Sale!

I hit my first ever estate sale yesterday. I think it will be the first of many. Lots of great vintage finds for EBay and a few trinkets for the house. I grabbed all this stuff and a bit more for only $12.

My goal is to get it all cleaned up and listed this week. Wish me luck! I'm going to try to remember to post the results next week.

This was a family run estate sale. For those of you who are estate sale veterans are the family run ones usually less expensive? I thought this stuff wad a steal!

On addition to what's in the photo I also got a vintage Tupperware lettuce crisper ( it's missing the little trivot thing so I'm keeping it as a container). I also got a few vintage knitting patterns and three boxes of new light bulbs. Who can't use light bulbs.

If anyone knows anything about the cool vintage sailor cap or good ol Mr Peanut let me know. I have not been able to find anything like them on line.

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