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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting it Listed

So my recent goal has been to try and clear $50 a day through my various ventures. I know it's a dinky amount but with three busy little guys it alludes me more than I might like.

This week I have been keeping up with getting my two items per day listed on EBay and I've been babysitting two days a week for some extra mad money. The one I have been avoiding this week for some reason is my giant Amazon box I need to get out. Perhaps it's just burn out from all the boxes I've gotten out in the last three months.

Tomorrow I tackle the Amazon box. It holds a lot of profit and once I get rolling I know I can knock it out easy. If you have not checked out selling on Amazon via Fulfillment By Amazon you owe it to yourself to check it out. It's work but has a nice profit. I am loving my FBA venture and adding one more revenue stream never hurts especially if you are like me and really only have a few hours a week to bring in some extra money.


  1. What kind of items do you sell on Amazon. I just started to list some items on there this week, but how do you know what sells and what to buy? Any advice would be great. Thanks

  2. Good question. The answer is anything and everything. I mostly sell new items on Amazon and used or collectables on EBay. I have a GREAT iPhone app called FBAScout that I use which tells me the rank of an item, how much it is listed for, what the profit after fees would be and how many people are selling the item. They also have that app for droids. I pay $39 per month but the first 250 scans are free so give it a try.
    I sell all my stuff FBA rather than merchant filled and have done so much better since making that switch.
    I think I will do an Amazon dedicated post soon. It is very addicting and major cha ching but not as much of a treasure hunt as EBay.

    I love questions so please feel free to ask any time.