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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Cold Made Me Money!!!

I had to make a trip out with the kids this morning in search of Zicam for the cold I'm getting. Is it me or is it always cold season? 

Anyway making  something good out the trip was easy. Not only did they have FREE after ECB's Cadbury eggs at CVS, they also had better than free shave gel. It's hard to beat the Cadbury egg ( notice it did not make it to the picture?)

Here's how:
7oz Skintimate Ladies Shaving Cream is $3.89 and triggering a $4 ECB. I bought 6 cans and there were still a bunch left. Total happy splurge as I can never bring myself to pay for my shaving cream. These smell yummy too! Oh and I used my previous CVS cash to pay for everything so rollin' rollin' rollin'  keep those freebies rollin.

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