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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Valentines Gift Ever and It Was Free !!!

  Let me start by saying that I am blessed to have a wonderful husband.  He truly treats me like a princess.  we are broke but very happy and that's what counts.  He also knows that his dear stay at home wife with three little kids is nearing mommy burn out so whats a good hubby to do for Valentines Day?  That's right - he gave me a day off!  

  It was fabulous.  He took over the house and kids for 7 hours while I ran errands ( ones that I don't mind but the kids hate) and stocked my Amazon store.  It was heaven, pure heaven.  There was no racing against the clock, fights to separate, diapers to change or messes to clean up.  I feel so spoiled.  Sometimes the best gifts are really free.  The other perk is that he got a small does of what it's like to be me and he is happy to be going to work tomorrow:)

  I had a very good day for stocking the Amazon store so that will be yet another great part of the gift.  I'm hoping to have time to make a video of my finds from this scouting trip to share as I know a lot of you have asked what I sell, how much I make etc....  Hmm... Maybe a video series would be better, one thing at a time for now.

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