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Friday, February 17, 2012

Great Deal on Skidders. A Fantastic Toddler Shoe

  My littlest one is a big fan of going shoe and sockless which would be fine if it was not 35 degrees.  Robeez worked well for my other two and are OK for the baby but we have a new favorite around here.  Skidders!!!  They are a sock and shoe combo.  She can wear them inside and out even if it is damp outside which is tricky with the traditional Robeez.

  I usually find these for $13 and up at stores like Target or Babies R Us.  ( The pair I bought for Lilly came from a consignment sale for a buck.)  If you are like me and chances are if you read this blog you are you will want to grab these for a steal at of all places HomeGoods.  Yep  they have a selection of baby stuff including adorable shoes.  They have Skidders for $6.99.  You can't even get them used once shipping is factored in on .Ebay

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