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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space Saver Coffee Please. Adventures in Resale

  I can not tell you how many of these I have seen in thrifts over the years and never ever thought to look up what they are worth.  Well I will now.  While looking up a coffeemaker I need to get listed tonight I came upon these Space Saver Coffee Makers.  Checkout the completeds here.

Photo courtesy of Smokey0587


  1. Wow I have seen these lots of time and never would have imagine. Now of course I won't find any since I'm looking.

  2. Like Veronica said I see these all the time but never thought to resell them. Now I will never find any but I thought that way about the curlers and have found a bunch

  3. So funny that you wrote about this! I bought a new old stock space saver complete coffee maker never used with all the paperwork and everything for $9.00 at Goodwill because I looked it up on my phone and saw that the same had sold for $100! Cha ching! Sometimes my brain hurts trying to hold all this reselling info inside. ;)

    1. I know how you feel. I think I need to dump some other info to create more brain space. Kind of like a disk drive clean up:)