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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey Where Did It All Go????

  In the past few months I have been working really hard to build up my Amazon business and as a result my couponing and Ebay have gone way down.  Couponing has become almost ( gulp) no existent.  It's just hard to juggle it all as I'm sure you know.

  Well as a result of my just "hitting the stores" with out my prior usual planning and strategizing my monthly costs have sky rocketed.  It appears were are now spending about $3000 am months on non utility, mtg, insurance type expenses.  To some of you that probably seems like a lot and others are saying, darn I wish that was all I spent.

  Well for us that's a lot of money and I need to do better.  Ultimately my goal is to get us back down to $1500-$200 a month.  Baby steps though to keep me from getting overwhelmed.  I'm starting with writing down every penny I spend.  I tried this before and the idea was great but I was constantly loosing the notebook or not having it with me.  Now I don't need a notebook.  I can put all my spending in the notes section of my Iphone.  I would not be surprised if there is an app for it actually.  Note to self: look into that.

  Anyway I have been doing it since Saturday and it is amazing how much more you think about your purchases when you see it written down.  There are a lot of people who use the cash only method for this very reason.  I use my Discover card for almost everything and pay the bill in full each month.  I do it so I can get my cash back at the end of the year that I use to pay for a good chunk of Christmas.

  Does anyone else ever feel like where is it all going?  If you do, try writing it all down with me.  I'll keep you guys posted as to how it goes and some of my deal shopping.

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  1. I often wonder where it all goes. I actually am going to try the envelope system starting next month in hopes of controlling my spending. Good luck.