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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazon BOLO:

So my yard sale adventure on Saturday was not to exciting but I stopped at a sale on Sunday with the three kids and found these:

It was a sale run by kids so they could get some spending money. Great idea I think. They called it a treasure hunt sale and were wearing pirate hats. Cute!

Anyhow I picked up these three DVD's for $1. Yep $1 for all three. It actually was even better than that as they were .25 a piece but being a big spender I told the kids to keep the change.

I did not look up the value on my phone at the sale as I was keeping an eye on my kids while doing speedy shopping. When I got home I scanned the bar codes with my FBA Scout app and was tickled to see that my profit on these should be over $60!!!!

The one that is worth the most is My Little Pony the Movie with the voice of Danny DeVito. New on Amazon it's going for $70. Even used I can get almost $40.

For those who only sell on EBay that same movie goes for $30+ used on EBay. The other two movies are going to net me $25-30 for the both. Not bad for a $1 investment and my 6 year old daughter will love watching to make sure the movies work. Win, win.


  1. Love the Treasure Hunt theme!! Too cute! Did not know those My Little Pony movies are so valuable. I would imagine it depends, but still ... I'm impressed!

    1. I did not know they would go for that much either. I was going to lot them up for EBay but I always check Amazon too