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Friday, July 27, 2012

I Saw it On Craigslist....

This Craigslist posting was titled "To Everyone Who Yardsales" ( and I promise was not written by yours truely).

Hello I love to yard sales and finding great deals but it seems every weekend I go someone has been to the yard sale before it has even started. Please people if you post your sale for 6:oo am or 7:oo or so on than have your sale at that time... Please we are being fair to you for waiting until your posted time so it would be nice to get to your sale and not hear that everything was sold before I got there.... Trust me if your things are that good the people will come back.... Just saying... :)

  I think the author is a bit sick of early birds I'd say.

   I guess there are different rules of thought on yard sale etiquette.  Being that I can rarely get out of the house before nine due to kids I can say I'm not an early bird.  I do hate it though when I'm there at the start of the sale and I've dragged the kids with me because the sale advertised something I really wanted only to have the seller say " Sorry I sold it a person who came really early."  I guess the early bird gets the worm sometimes but there is a point where being very early is very rude I think. 

  What do you think an acceptable time to show up at a yard sale is if it says it starts at 8am?  Just curious.   I think 15 minutes early is fine and if it is a really cherry sale I might park my car across the street 30 minutes prior to establish a game plan and start my strategy or look up listings on Ebay.


  1. If I'm really excited about a certain sale, I'll show up 15-30 minutes before the stated start time BUT I wait in my car and if they seem like they are ready for shoppers I politely roll down my window and ask. As a person that has run a garage sale... I despise early birds. I say no early birds in my listing and they still show up and are rude about it! I have kids to take care of and a small garage so I need a certain amount of time to set up my sale before people can shop. As a shopper... I don't care what time you start your sale but I 100% agree that it would be great if the sellers stuck to that time so that we know WHEN to be there. But people will do what they want so complaining on a craigslist post is silly imo. :)

  2. Around me garage sales start late. If I head out at 9 there are still people setting up. What I think is bad is when early birds show up and start going thru the sellers stuff, throwing things out of bags or boxes and making a mess. I've seen a lot of frustrated sellers.

    1. That happens here too. People are just rude sometimes. Makes me crazy.