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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to School Deal and Resale BOLO

  Ahhh... we are coming back to that time of year.  Back to school that is.  This has been a tough summer for me with the tots so I'm looking forward to back to school for the older two.

  The one downside of back to school is it can be darn expensive.  The lists my kids come home with for needed items is longer than Santa's list.  Luckily this year my oldest got his list for the coming year on the last day of school.  Hooray I can purchase in advance when the deals are hot and not picked over!

  This week at Toys R Us they have lots of back to school BOGO's.  Almost everything crayola is buy one get one.  I stocked up on crayons, colored pencils and dry erase markers.  I also got a few stocking stuffers: crayola crayons that are the twist up kind ( love those as they don't break easily but they are pricey if you pay full price) and two boxes of jumbo crayons for my toddler for Christmas.  All BOGO.  They are also offering a free lunch tote with a backpack purchase of $12.99 or more.  I scored mine for $4.99 per piece on a sweet Lands End deal in January but this weeks Toys R Us deal is still good.

  As a side note I think that art items are great for Toys For Tots and it's a great time to start thinking about that part of the holiday season as well.

  And now for the resale part of my ramblings.  The bottom of my sons back to school list said the following " no need for Trapper Keepers".  I have not thought about a Trapper Keeper in 20+ years but decided to look them up on EBay for kicks.  Check out my findings.  You know who will be looking for a nice condition Trapper Keeper now don't ya?????

  Many savings and thrifty scores to us all !!!!!!


  1. Wow I haven't thought of those in years. I see old ones all the time. Of course now that I'm going to be looking I won't find any.