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Friday, July 20, 2012

Using Your Gymbucks at the Gymboree Outlet.

Oh yes I did say that. You can now use your Gymbucks at the Gymboree Outlet. Yipee!!!! I used mine yesterday at the outlet and I would love to say I had time to post a picture but I did not. I can tell you however that I paid $27 out of pocket for 7 outfits for my girls for next summer. Booyah!!! Totally cute and inexpensive, love, love. There were several pieces that were $3.49 and under and that was before my Gymbucks.

My girls will wear them and then its off to the consignment sale where I will make most if not all of my money back that I spent buying them. I'd say its a sure money maker but my kids are messy and I do not sell anything with stains rips etc. so we will loose a few pieces even when I fight the good laundry fight.

For those who resell Gymboree please remember that the Outlet lines are slightly different than the regular store and there are those who believe that the quality is different. When selling Gymboree online if you are not sure if it is Outlet or not just look at the tag. If there is a box of yellow/ orange dots next to the name it is Outlet and should be identified as such in your listing.

For me I have found that given the saturation of Gymboree sellers on Ebay and the fact that this year I purchased a lot of my pieces at the Outlet that the consignment sale will be the better bang for my time and buck i think for reselling Gymboree. We will see though as I stand committed to nothing but the f

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