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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Example of Why Selling on Both EBay and Amazon Works for Me

I picked up this Felicity show DVD set for $2 yesterday at a thrift. I'd seen posts from other bloggers that had done well with boxed sets from TV shows so I knew to pick it up. Normally I would have checked it on my phone but this thrift does not allow cell phones ( yep???).

Back to my original point though. The going rate on EBay is $13.99 before fees. That's an ok quick profit but check out what my take home ( after fees ) on Amazon will be .....$23. Much better I'd say.

I use an app called FBA Scout to see what my after fees pay out would be on Amazon. It also tells me rank and how many other sellers there are as well.

It's been my finding that when selling media in lots like kids books and movies that EBay is best. Generally though when people think media they think Amazon so that's the forum to get the best bang for your selling buck. It's also good to remember on the reverse that when you buy media EBay is worth checking to save some do ray me.

I promise to do more Amazon related posts on what sells and getting started but this just happened to come up today and I wanted to pass it on.

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