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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage Games... Garage Sale Find and BOLO

I picked this Monopoly game up last weekend while out hitting the yard sales. I actually picked it up with a Perfection game and paid $1 for the pair. My intention was to bring it down to my husbands family house so all the grandkids could play it although they are still a little young for it now.

Fast forward to today when the thought popped into my head " hey this is still in the shrink wrap I wonder what I could get for it on Amazon even thought the box seems a bit warped". As I was attempting to scan the bar code with my iPhone to see what it was going for on Amazon I realized that there was in fact no bar code. You know what that means right???? OLD. Older games did not have bar codes.

My game is a 1961 number 9 Monopoly game still in the shrink wrap. This puppy sold recently in the same condition as mine for $29. Not to shabby and yes the kids will still be getting Perfection and yes I will be selling Monopoly and looking for a less valuable one for the kids to beat play with.

Quick Amazon selling tip: Monopoly games are collectible and have about 1000 themes. New in box Monopoly theme games are a great pick up of you can get them for under $10 to sell on Amazon. I sold a Star Wars one last Christmas for $80. Think of themes people collect and there is usually a Monopoly game for it and a customer to resell it to.

( Photocredit to macmillian528 as my game is not listed or photographed yet.)

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  1. I really need to try my hand at amazon. Your inspiring me.