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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Bee in My Bonnet

Just a little vent.... Every year I do two seasonal kids consignment sales. They are generally held on back to back weekends and are at the same place. Works our great. I make enough to cover Christmas and last Spring it paid for the kids pool.

Well this year a mere two - three weeks before the sales usually start guess what? Yep both sales announce that they are not going to run the sale for the season! Yes up until yesterday both companies Facebook pages were still being posted with updates saying tagging should be up soon. So lame! Neither company gave a reason either.

So with a huge amount of stuff ready for consignment I decided to try a totally different sale that runs in mid October. I think it will be good. It gets good reviews and seems organized. I also think mid October is good because people will be thinking about holiday toys and it will be getting colder by then so the light weight jackets will be coming to a close and my snowsuits should sell. Here's to hoping right.

Anyhow I'm volunteering for this one so I can see how it operates. I'm toying with the idea of checking out one of the consignment franchises to see what they cost to buy into. Just a thought. What sales do you do and have you had a good experience?

I'd love to hear from other consignors what you make and how you think the sale could be better.

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