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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Score of the Day

Today was one of those yard sale days that I would call meat and potatoes. You know nothing to exciting. Lots of $20 plush for .25 -$1 and lots of books for my kids and book lots I'm making.

The two exception were these Barbie items. The first is an in box Heart Family Barbie set. My sister had this set as a kid and I have clear memories of us playing with it. I picked it up for $2 and it's going for $80 or so. Slow sell but nice pay off.

The second is a little boy Barbie. I picked him up because he is unusual. Turns out his name is Todd and he should go for a good $20. There were none just like him listed recently so I'm going to throw him up for auction.

Sorry the picture from my last post got deleted. Unfortunately I deleted the photo from my camera as well.

Hope you all have a great thrifty weekend.

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