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Monday, August 13, 2012

I Must Be Crazy.

Only a crazy person would Amazon scout while on vacation right? Well that's me. Crazy. I had to head to the grocery store for diapers while we were at a tiny town along the Colorado River and low and behold they had seven, yes seven bottles of Benifiber . I thought I struck gold. They are selling for $35-40 each on Amazon right now.

Today is day two of Lego Land and yesterday I saw they were selling Lego Harry Potter sets. Off to scan a few I hope today. Wish me luck. I hope they will ship them to my house for a price as room in the luggage is a bit tight. Hope you all are having a fun thrifty week!

Oh by the way I decided to pass on the American Girl stuff I mentioned in my last post.


  1. I looked for Benefiber while on vacation too. No luck here :(

    1. I was shocked to find them. I wish I was able tO hit the Rite Aid too but small children prevailed. They had the Benifiber way marked up $14 so that's why I think they still had it. I'll still double my money though so I'm happy.