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Saturday, August 4, 2012

1966 Barbie Score and American Girl Question.

Sorry for the post and run but I'm super excited about this $20 find. Yep those are 1966-69 Barbies and accessories. There are also G1 Ponies. Since I paid $20 for all of it just one pony sale will cover my expenses. Yay!!!

I bought a bunch of other stuff today too. I'm hoping to get a video up but we will see. There were some other fantastic scores.

Here is the question. If you had the opportunity to purchase a huge lot of American Girl Felicity stuff for $300 would you? There is a 24x24 nix of Felicity accessories in their boxes. Several outfits, a table and chair, trunk (small) and a dresser. She will not split up the lot.


  1. I would ask her for lots of detail/pictures then hit up Ebay to do a price comparison. If you can't atleast double your money it's a lot of work. Ofcourse I would send her a much lower offer too:) If you decide to buy I can send you some of my links that were great in identifying items when I bought my AG lot. ;)

  2. Vintage Barbies are great finds. I've only found them twice before. Can't help you with American Girl. Sorry. Never sold or bought any.

  3. I've made great money on American Girl Dolls, but $300 is pretty high. Her stuff should include at least one or two items that you feel could make $100. The doll itself is probably going to sell for $70, so that's a start. But that leaves you $230 just to get back to even, so I would be a little hesitant. The seller sounds like she has an emotional attachment to the stuff, but you should try to get her down closer to $200. Then you may be able t make some money from the deal.

    Good luck Dude! @