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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Consignment Chaos.

Two shots to show you why I have not had time today to blog about my auction adventure. All my time tonight after the tots went to bed was dedicated to shipping and this consignment sale season. I really need to reorganized my basement / resale storage area.

The photos are just of consignment stuff. Doing two sales. The first is small and only lasts one day. For that one I'm only bringing 100 of my better hanging pieces and I'm not doing the 50% off the last hour. I'm also not volunteering for it. I've got to bring all three kids for the drop off and pick up so keeping it small.

The second sale is much bigger and longer. It's going to get everything that does not sell at the first plus about 100 other hanging items and 100 -200 toys. It will also be getting my Elmo chair and large toys that don't sell on Craigslist by then.

For this second sale I'm volunteering and I'm sans kids for drop off and pick up.

For those of you who don't consign there are some sales where all you have to do is volunteer 3 hours to be able to go to the pre sale. I love the pre sale. Always tons of resale gems and great stuff for my own tots.

Boy for what was supposed to be a short post I sure rambled on:)


  1. Wow that's a lot of stuff. So you have a whole dedicated to the stuff you sell?

    1. That's the storage / resale/ laundry and utility area of my crazy basement. I really need to organize it in a better way.