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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Did It!!

Well today I feel like I made some progress on the money making front. So far I've gotten 17 EBay listings up, dropped off 4 big boxes for Amazon at UPS, scouted two stores that should net me $300 plus in profit and.....went to the storage auction. Oh my!

I would have listed the 20 items I had intended today but three need to redo some of my photos and today was not a great lighting day for photos. Ill tell more about my storage sale adventure tomorrow. For now I've got to make dinner and meet with someone from Craigslist that wants to buy my Little Tikes Doll house that's taking up space in my living room. I sell the furniture all the time on EBay but the house is big and heavy and perfect for Craig's List. Please let her buy it:)

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  1. The biggest problem with buying a storage unit is finding a place to warehouse the stuff. You gotta take it all, from the crummy clothes to the high end goodies. Seems like most of the buyers seen on those shows have thrift shops so they can move the stuff out the door.

    That's why I like Garage sales-you decide what to buy without getting stuck with the extras.