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Saturday, September 15, 2012

It Was Not One But Two.

Yep you read that right not a second before I could get to them TWO American Girl mint condition period dolls were snatched up.

I'm pretty sure they were Julie and Molly. Perfect hair and fully clothed. They were priced at $9.99. I literally stood in shock as the mother handed them both to her 4 year old. Luckily the mother was thrilled with her find and so was the girl. She said they usually would not be able to afford something like this. I congratulated her on the find instead of crying. I would have felt worse if she didn't know how great her find was. She went on to tell me how well her daughter treats her dolls and how she really wanted a big girl doll like these. The second doll is going to a cousin for Christmas.

The good news is that this gives me hope that I will again find something this great and next time I'll be a second sooner.

Have you had anything great slip through your hands? Please share do I know I'm not alone.


  1. A few weeks ago I was checking out at Value Village and noticed that the lady behind me in line had a super spendy Starbucks city mug she was buying - which means that even after my 2 rounds through the aisle they must have put it out right after I walked by. It was really hard for me not to chime in, oh I want this too!

    1. Couldn't you just die when stuff like that happens????

    2. I tried to convince my nephew to tackle a 4 year old once cuz she beat me to an AG doll. He said no. Her mom looked scary. And I was only half joking.