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Monday, December 10, 2012

5 New Stores Have Been Added to the Ibotta App. Yay for More Free Money !!!


 I'm so happy Ibotta announced today that they just added 5 new stores to their app.  They have just added Meijer, Stop and Shop, HEB, Smiths and Fred Meyer.  Stop and Shop is one of my favorite stores to double coupons at so I'm very excited to be able to save even more their by using my Ibotta app to get cash back on items I buy any way.  I have already gotten almost $10 back in just the past two weeks using my free Ibotta app. 

  A few of the things I like best about the app are due to ease of use.  Their is nothing to clip, nothing to mail in and no waiting for a rebate check to come in.  Money you earn can also be donated to a local school of you choose to redeem it in that way.

  If you have not grabbed your free Ibotta app yet check out how easy it is to get free cash into your PayPal account just for making purchases like usual. Pop over to Ibotta and check it out here.  For a very limited time new subscribers are getting $5 deposited into their account upon their first Ibotta transaction completion.  From start to finish I think the $10 I have earned has taken about 2 minutes of my time to earn from start to finish with the app.  Right now the app is only available for apple but it is in the works for android.

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