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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heavy Duty Scotch Packing Tape ONLY $12.96 Again on Amazon A Resale Shippers Dream


   How sweet it is.....  Remember how I said I was going to get my last shipment off to Amazon today?  Well that was the idea anyway.  I got 3 boxes all done and ready for pick up.  Went to box up the last two boxes and yep, out of tape.  I did not even have the cheasy cheapo tape I keep as a back up around.  Off to Amazon I went with my fingers crossed and thankfully they have the deal back on 6 rolls of the heavy duty Scotch Packing Tape I love.  $12.96 straight to my door with no waiting in line with a crazy two year old.  Allejuah !!!Guess who slpurged and upgraded shipping to have it here tomorrow? Oh you know who.  I figured it would save me the gas and hassle of dealing with holiday traffic. It's so nice when things work out.  Now to just get those last items sold and I will be an even happier camper.  Fingers are staying crossed as sales have been steady.  Next year I really need to ramp up my inventory earlier in the year.  I know people who have Amazon shipping out over 50+ items per day for them right now.  I'm selling just about everything I send in I just wish I had the time to send in more.  Perhaps I need a clone.  Yep, for sure a clone is needed but for now I'll be happy with my tape deal.

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