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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Resale Selling Excitement....The Final Count Down

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  Phew......It has been a busy selling season on Amazon for me.  I have concentrated on Amazon selling and put Ebay on the back burner since the beginning of November ( still shipping though glad to have the few sales still.).  It's been crazy but profitable.  I'm happy to share though that I am shipping my last big Amazon order out to the FBA fulfillment center on Tuesday!!!!  Yay!!!!

  I still will have some small shipments to send in but the major stuff will be done until January.  The best part is that I budgeted for my littlest one to go to the babysitters for three days of the two weeks prior to Christmas and the older ones will be in school.  That means this Thrifty Momma will be shopping for stocking stuffers, wrapping gifts, getting my hair cut finally and working on my big home improvement project I've been saving my Ebay profits for.  I can't wait to share the results.

  What are your plans for the next few weeks if you are a reseller?  Are you busier than ever shipping things out on Ebay or are you getting ready to put your feet up and enjoy the benefits of all your hard work?

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