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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Change for Next Year

Well 2013 was a pretty good year and I can't complain but I think it's always wise to review things to see what I can improve on.

  As most of you know I sell on Amazon as my "job" and I sell on Ebay for fun extra cash ( saving for a big family trip this year!).  The fourth quarter is always crazy selling on both formats.  This year I feel I could have done a lot better on Ebay had I gotten all my toys listed and focused more on toys.  Truth be told I did almost no new listings on Ebay in Nov- Dec ( still sold a bundle though).

  The plan this year is to grab more toys at yard sales this year and store them until Oct .  Then in Sept-Oct when the kids go back to school get them listed.  

  I love thrift stores but I think the time I spend driving to all of them is taking away from my Amazon business and frankly thrift store prices around here are much higher than yard sales.  Also with the new Thrift Hunters show coming on Spike this week I'm thinking thrift prices and competition are going to spike atleast for a bit.

  On the Amazon front my main change is going to be just shipping once a week and doing larger shipments.  The rates for UPS for Amazon are super low but you get the best rate per pound on heavier boxes.  It also takes more time to do two small shipments as opposed to one big one .

  How was your 2013?  Plans for the new year??? We'd love to hear....


  1. I hadn't thought about the new show causing price hikes- eek! My GW has been steadily increasing prices over the last year to the point that I'm hardly buying anything from them anymore. Thankfully, I have a few other thrift stores in the area that still have thrifty prices :)

    1. I guess we will have to see what happens with prices but in the mean time I set my dvr to record the show:)