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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Do You Know How to Save Up to 3% More When Shoppg On Amazon?? I Do.....

  So most of you know I love shopping on Amazon and selling on Amazon but are you in the dark on the additional cash back you can get when shopping on Amazon?  I was until today. 

  Most categories on Amazon are now available on Ebates!!!  Yay my favorite cash back site. Most of the categories are generating 3% cash back.  That's amazing considering how much you can already save on great items delivered to your home from Amazon.  Sadly Amazon is not a part of the Ebates mobile app partnership:(   So if you are shopping via mobile put the goodies in your virtual cart and then cash out through your Ebates link when you get home.

  I just love my big fat Ebates cash back checks and now they will be much bigger!!!

On a side note what do all of you think about Amazon announcing they are changing the Prime fee from $79 to $99?  I still think it's a great value but I'm wondering what others are thinking.

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