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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Free Ebay Listings and My Goals Update

  Well I guess this is the week for me to auction off my cloth diapers.  Ebay announced yesterday that they are running another listing promo.  List auction style for free from June 8th until the 14th.

  If you have watched my YouTube videos you know I have quite a few cloth diapers and my youngest is almost fully potty trained( yay!).  Selling those off will greatly help me reach my dental bill goal and I'm hoping I can put some cash into my vacation spending money account.  We are going to fly cross country to visit family this summer and I'm $300 short on airfare money right now.  The trip is in August and I've been saving since February.  Time to really hussle.

  What are you saving for?  I'd love to know what everyone's goals and splurges are.

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