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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Home Energy Audit

  So today was the big day.  My home energy audit provided to me FREE by my gas company.  Wow what a savings we have in store at my house!  I knew we needed insulation but I was just thinking about the attic.  Apparently my exterior walls are very thin on insulation as well.  I have about a quarter the amount of recommended insulation.  All would be looking fairly grim if not for the 75% my gas company was kicking in for.  The total bill is over 4K the gas company is paying over 3K.  My annual savings should be come out to almost $500.  That means in two years the insulation will have paid for it's self and if I sell my house I can say that it exceeds the energy requirements. Oh I almost forgot the government is currently offering a  bonus for those who are making their home more efficient. We can write off up to 35% of the cost of the insulation.  There is a maximum write off of $1500 which we will thankfully be below.

  But that's not all.  There were more freebies to be had on this audit.  They will be coming back in two weeks to fill all my exterior air leaks FREE of charge and they are also going to be re-venting my bathroom fan as it apparently could be more efficient if it vented in a different direction.  Lastly my inspector gave me 6 new low energy light bulbs FREE and installed a low flow shower head also at no charge. 
  For more info on this program see my original post here.

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